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What some of our clients have to say

Hi Cycle Fit,

I would like to thank Henry for the great setup session on Saturday and his advice on how to improve my pedal stroke. Not only did the change of saddle improve my ride comfort but I also did the best personal time ever at Sunday's Tshwane Classic with a sub 3. I have no doubt that the changes had a huge impact on my performance.

You guys definitely are great at what you do and I would recommend anyone to get a professional setup with Cycle Fit.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Herbert Simões

Thank you for your email,

I was highly impressed with the quality of expertise and service Cycle Fit rendered. It was awesome stuff and I will definitely recommend your service.

Thank you once again.

At first the settings was a challenge to get used to, but now riding is a pleasure.

Kind regards,

Riaan Greyling

Good Day

Thanks very much to Henry and the team of Cycle Fit!

My cleats and bike was done and I must say it was done very professionally. Henry helped and explained every move and setting to me. I would definitely revisit for upgrades in future. For the last 5 races I cramped after 40km and yesterday I did the 103km without any cramps. 

Thanks a lot I am sure part of the solution was my bike setup.


Johan Heyneke
Rustenburg North West

Hi Cycle Fit Team,

I have to say that I have never been more comfortable on my saddle than the past week.  Following my visit to you, I cycled with a group of friends to Durban over 6 days.  I was dreading the saddle, but had absolutely no saddle discomfort, for the full duration of the trip.  This is a real first for me.

I still had shoulder and neck discomfort, but suspect that this is due to my left shoulder muscles not being properly developed, which causes me to pull my shoulders up more than I should.

All in all, I am a very satisfied customer.  Thank you for the friendly and professional manner in which the fitting was done.



Dear Arran

Thank you so much for your e-mail.

My setup was fantastic. The attention to detail was excellent and it was great to meet Marco, he is a great asset, very friendly and took me through every detail of the bike set up.

It was very interesting to see all the state of the art technology that you have at your studio. I was experiencing back ache on the right of my back prior to having my bike set up and it was very interesting to see that the stem was not level, slanted to the right hand side, and that is perhaps the reason why I have had the back pain.

I could immediately notice the difference on the bike when I went out to ride on Sunday. Marco recommended a 44 width bar (I had a 42 which was too narrow for my shoulder length) and it lead to a much more comfortable ride. Focusing more on my pedal stroke really lead to more efficiency on the bike.

I would recommend Cycle Fit to any rider who wants to ride at their most optimum level. Your customer service is excellent and I was very impressed by the attention to detail.

Have a great week.

Kind regards

Marc Roper

Hi Arran & Team,

I just want to let you know that I had an incredibly enjoyable 94.7 on Sunday (and a PB to boot!) and I'm absolutely convinced it was in no small part due to the bike fitting from Cycle Fit. I just felt great with my new position on the bike and the manner in which you guys looked after all the 'marginal gains' from the warm and friendly greeting to the bottled water to the impressive and clean workshop left a real impression. I'd recommend you guys any day!

You are welcome to use me/this as a reference.

Warm regards,


Good Morning Guys,

….. Yip, I can only say that there is certainly merit in the way you set up and the parameters that you use, having completed yesterday's 94.7 without doing hardly any training –due to my broken collar bone accident 7 weeks ago, I sit here in absolute comfort and feel I could do it all over again. I think both my wife and my daughter are on their way to you shortly.

Thanks for your help,



The proof is in the pudding as they say..... Thought I'd share a bit of my Strava info from my ride at the Cradle this morning (52kms):

- I think it's the fastest average speed in a year (don't look - I'm really slow!!)
- 8 medals of which 4 were PR's. I also haven't achieved for a long time!!
- without a doubt, my best ride since getting my Scott.

In general, the saddle was way more comfortable & I didn't intentionally focus on speed, just tried to adopt the correct stroke. I'm sure things will continue to improve - I'll probably come out again on Friday morning for a longer ride.

Thank you so very much - very appreciative of all your help & advice.

Have a super day!
Warm regards


Just wanted to give you some feed back on your bicycle setup that you assisted me with.

I must say that it took me at least two weeks to get accustomed to the new pedaling technique you showed me. And to this day, i feel that i still need to concentrate on my pedaling technique while out riding. The results however are amazing, i wish that we were taught this technique back in 1999 when i turned pro.

Once again, I must thank you for helping me set my bicycle and cleat position. You guys are truly professional, and i will always refer potential customers to you guys.

Kind regards,

Owen Hannie 
SuperSport Presenter


My riding experience definitely improved and I feel so comfortable on my bicycle now. I did a 92 and 104km without experiencing any discomfort in my shoulders, back or neck. It now feels as if my bicycle was made for me and it fits me perfectly.

Thank you for your professional assessment and fitting!

Kind regards
Michele Van Wyk


I hope you are well and had a great weekend?

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic service on Saturday. It was an awesome experience, and I cannot wait to get out there and start practicing the great tips you gave me on my racing machines.

I will definitely recommend Cycle Fit to anyone that is looking for assistance in their cycling and adjustments to their bicycles.

Thank you, have a great day further.

Kind Regards
Louise Bentley


I wanted to give you a little feedback after my 50km ride in the Cradle this morning.

Best way to describe it would be incomparable. 

Firstly the set up was comfortable and even with the new seat, much better than previous. The biggest difference came in the ease of my ride. I rode with a friend whogenerally would be quicker than me uphill and for the first time, I found myself waiting for them constantly. On certain hills, coming back down a section to ride upwith them.

The pedal stroke made a huge difference and having a (now) slower rider with me, I had the opportunity to concentrate on what you taught me yesterday. 

The fitting was great but ultimately I still need to turn the pedals over, your teaching and guidance made a massive difference this morning and I am very grateful for your tuition.

Kind regards

Richard Johnston

Hi Richard.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new Giant Propel in every sense. The bicycle is superb and very enjoyable to ride but... 

I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I have thanks to your professional fitting. I know that with each pedal stroke, I am getting the best out of every revolution. My neck, arms & back have no pain anymore. My legs recover much quicker as well after a tough ride. No matter what position I ride in, climbing or sprinting..I have never been this comfortable on a bicycle. I feel I could ride for hours on end.

Thank you so much for helping me reach my potential. The only thing I can complain about is the PAIN I feel racing with the A group in less than a year of cycling.

Thank you so much guys

Will be back soon,

Arshaad Moosa

I had the most outstanding and exceptional experience at Cycle Fit this past week. I was introduced to Franklin who assisted me in setting me up correctly on my MTB. I was amazed at how effective he was at seeing what was wrong with my configuration and how to address. When I left, the experience was like initially having seen a GP.... And now being dealt with by a Specialist physician. Riding the bicycle for the 1st time after the set-up, I can honestly say that it's the best and most comfortable ride I have had. Thank you Franklin, your Service ethic is acknowledged.

Kevin Kassel


Feeling good on the bicycle, nothing that I can think of to report! New saddle is great, shoes a bit tight - I'd like to get another pair half-a-size larger for winter riding with thick socks.

We were talking about Cycle Fit on the weekend ride, and everyone who's been to you agrees that your staff are super-professional and come across exceptionally (for SA) service-oriented. REally a pleasure having found you (even if you do pursuade me to spend lots of money; worth every penny)!

Cycle Fit is one of the few bicycling service centers where womean are treated with the same respect and attention to detail as male clients. At no time does one feel stupid asking questions about basic technical issues (that seem to come naturally to men) that elsewhere would be treated with bemused tolerance or a hurried dismissal.

Hope that helps! All the very best.

Caroline Henderson (Mountain bicycle)


Some quick feedback – the setup and bicycle went really well – a great 102km Sondela time (for me) of 2:54 at a moving average of 35km/h. I also found the seat a lot better than my previous one.

Thanks again for your help and advice.


COMAP Aqua-Touch South Africa
Managing Director

Good morning,

All I can say is a double WOW!!!! We did a 60Km off road local ride on Sunday (Serengeti/Dunblane route). To start off with my bicycle felt so different, and I could feel that all the right muscles were working. Also my cleat position had changed and that felt different too. As the ride went on I just got stronger. The few uphill sections that we do have I handled so well and was so much more comfortable on the downhill's. I felt like I was in control for the first time, I even let go of my back brake on the downhill's. I finished this 60km route 10 minutes quicker than I normally do without much effort at all. My bicycle is no longer in control of me, I am in control. No pressure on my wrists at all my feet did not burn (shoes are marvelous) and for the first time I actually could feel that my calve muscles worked.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your time and wisdom in setting up my bicycle, I sooo appreciate it!!!! We even went out on the road this morning on our mountain bicycles, and boy did I have fun. I am definitely much stronger on my new set up it is perfect.

Kind Regards

Gina Potgieter (Bike Shop Boksburg)


Firstly, let me tell you how blown away I was by the experience of the bicycle setup. Being met by friendly smiles, clean surroundings, talked through exactly what was being done and why and made to feel so comfortable. It was almost magical! I will never setup a new bicycle on my own again!

The saddle is great! No more discomfort, I rode for 3.5hours last sunday and not once felt sore or wanted to get off the saddle. That has made a huge difference!

As for the bicycle itself... I rode my standard 40km route just to test it all out and took a whopping 10mins off my time without even trying! Wow! A 15% improvement!

I now ride with no pain, no numb feet, the only issue I have is some numbness in my right hand after a very long ride. But I think my grip on the handlebars need to change.

What a difference this has all made! And what an experience. I have told many people about Cycle Fit and would recommend everyone to take their bicycles there.
Great people, great set up and great results!

Well done on a great job!


The Cycle Fit team!

Being a female cyclist it takes a true amount of courage to discuss female cycling issues such as saddle discomfort. The staff at Cycle Fit addressed the issues professionally and made me felt at ease through their expert advice and high tech bicycle set up system.

Six Stars! My ride is now smooth and comfortable and very enjoyable! The benchmark all cycling shops should be measured against. Simply Fabulous!

Joritha Viljoen
Road Bike Cyclist

Arran, Richard, Struan,

I want to thank you for what can only be described as a fantastic experience.

From the booking, to the updates and reminders, the actual fitting and explanation of why everything is done, to the billing and follow-up mails, getting my bicycle fitted by you guys has been the most professional interaction I have ever had with anybody in the cycling industry. Lets not forget the fantastic workshop or the clean and hygienic changing facilities either!

Keep it up, if you do I have no doubt you will go from strength to strength.
I for one will be recommending you to everybody.

Until we chat again keep well.


André Symes
Group Brand Manager
Genasys Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Thanks for the mail. Firstly let me thank you and Richard for the assistance with my bicycle set up. I have to say that from the moment I walked in up until I left, you guys really paid attention to me and my needs and did not make me feel like just another customer, but a fellow cyclist. This really says a lot about your guys professionalism, and customer service.

The bicycle set up is perfect and that has contributed to me having a good and comfortable race for my first Amashova. I will be in contact with you guys soon regarding the replacement of the handlebars and seat.

Keep up the good work and all the best with your cycling.

See you guys soon.

Gareth Edwards
Operational Services Manager
Advanced Infrastructure
Dimension Data Middle East and Africa


Thx for the mail, it was a good surprise to get a mail from you, as I was going to mail you anyway.

I’d just like to say thanks for the bicycle setup. It was very professionally handled, and what a difference I can feel on the bicycle.

I went out for 100km on Sunday to Randfontein and back, and wow, what a difference. So comfortable, and enjoyed the ride immensely.
“They” all talk about the full circle that you need when you pedal, and for the 1st time ever I can now feel this.

So to you and Richard, thanks so much for being down to earth nice guys, and good bicycle setup artists too.

I have definitely and already recommended you so far to all the guys and girls I have spoken to.

Keep well, and good luck with the upcoming races.

Many Thanks
Chad Ransby (Club 100)

"Arran Brown is an accomplished cyclist in his own right. His deep understanding and passion for cycling is evident in his business, Cycle Fit.

Cycle Fit has helped me move from strength to strength in my cycling by setting me up on the bicycle so that I am comfortable and in turn producing more power.

It is the attention to detail that makes the difference, from cleat position to handle bar width and everything in between. The service is personal and the setup customised based on my specific needs and goals.

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity"

Matthew Chittenden, Account Manager at MTN

"I have to admit that after three Epics and many years of cycling I thought my bicycle was set up right, despite suffering from numb hands, backache and hot feet after a couple of hours in the saddle.

So it was with a sense of scepticism that I came to you to check my setup and was astonished at how many changes you made to my bicycle (and shoes!!). As expected I was uncomfortable the first couple of times I went out after the Cycle fit adjustments. In the last 2 weeks I have logged 25 hours on the mountain bicycle and am absolutely over the moon with how the bicycle feels. I have more control, more confidence, more comfort, I can ride longer (and a little quicker) without experiencing any discomfort. Epic #4 in 2011 just became a whole lot more fun!!

I’ve recommended that all the Epic riders at Absa Capital make a plan to come see you, regardless of how experienced they might think they are."

Mike Andrew (MTB and Road Cyclist)

"Please contact Cycle Fit to make an appointment to get your set-up sorted out ASAP. You feel a lot more comfortable on the bike once you get this done. The guys at Cycle Fit have done my last four bike set-ups and I highly recommended them.

Eddie Moyce (MTN)

"I suggest going to cyclefit for anyone who is uncomfortable or experiencing any pain while riding, or new riders looking to get set up properly - It changed my ride.”

Morgan Williams

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